Dressing for Dining Out in Rome

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Dressing for Dining Out in Rome

When in Rome its compulsory you find yourself the best Italian possible to enjoy a stupid amount of food and wine at. Fact. It took us a few days of being sucked into tourist traps despite how much we tried, of honestly quite average food. I felt disappointed, until then we found a small restaurant bursting at the seams with people and we knew, that's exactly where we are heading.

The fashions seemed to vary wildly across our time spent visiting Rome. Unlike Milan Rome isn't the typical fashion centre of Italy, but it does indeed still have it's own unique style and vibe. With lots of luxury up market shops offering their wares, it's easy to find yourself a good quality Italian suit or good leather. Most of the locals in Rome who were typically street vendors dressed quite casually, but it seemed people made more of an effort for their evening dressing when heading out for dinner.

Italians dress with a certain style and suave about them which just seems to be so effortlessly cool. With vibrant colours and sophistication, check out some of their more affordable boutique shops for true street style fashions and trends. Avoid the tourist shops that offer suits and leathers for a 'good price' the quality isn't great, and most of the time they're actually polyester instead of silk. Opt for something more authentic, and effortlessly cool.

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