How to Dress for Visiting the Vatican City

Vatican City jumpsuit fashion cover up travel blogger UK
Vatican City jumpsuit fashion cover up travel blogger UK
Vatican City jumpsuit fashion cover up travel blogger UK

Dress code for the Vatican City

To visit most holy sites you are expected to dress modestly in covering your shoulders and having either a skirt, shorts, or trousers cover your legs to an appropriate length just on, or past your knees. Although quite a lot of people seemed to be in the Vatican City not dressed in such a way, you do run a risk of being denied access to areas such as the Sistine Chapel and St Peters regardless of if you have already paid. Another idea would be to take some light linen trousers you could slip on, or a throw for around your shoulders.

I opted to wear a full length jumpsuit then I wasn't needing to carry additional things with me. Bought from H&M just before we left, I loved the bold pattern of the jumpsuit, and although not necessarily something I would usually wear as it's a bit more 'out there' I felt like I was wearing pyjamas all day and it was glorious. I dressed the jumpsuit up with some glitzy sandals and statement necklace, both from Primark.

Things to keep in mind

When visiting any holy site, either in Italy or around the world, it's important to remain respectful. Not just in attitude but also in clothing. Dressing modestly is expected, and only right that you do so. Wear something that covers your knees, and be sure to have your shoulders covered. If you are wearing something that has open shoulders, or no sleeves you can take a shawl or light cardigan to cover up when entering holy site. Some sites will make these available to you for a cost, but do bare in mind you can be refused entry if you do not adhere to the rules.

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