2017 Goals and Aspirations & Achievements in 2016

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Why It's Okay If Resolutions Don't Always Work Out: Here's to 2017

Resolutions are always a bit of a funny one aren't they? Every year, on the same day we make promises to ourselves which may, or may not come true. There's something about the clock striking midnight on the final day of December which makes everything feel new and fresh. I'm all for positive self change and pushing yourself to do more; however sometimes it's easy to be too hard on yourself. I wrote a list on the 1st of January 2016 with my goals and resolutions for the year. What did I manage to achieve? And what are my hopes for 2017?

What I Achieved From My 2016 Goals

1. Read at least five books

I did read three books this year! This year’s must read – Girl On The Train, and a blogging find – Capture Your Style. However, I also read my dad's book three times over proof reading and copy checking, that counts right?!

2. Don't over-work

Being made redundant towards the beginning of the year was a wake up call to how unhappy I had been. Still, falling into my new job was one of the best things to happen this year. They have a great work-life balance ethic and it’s rare I ever leave my desk feeling stressed!

3. Do something that makes you happy

I’ve come to accept that maybe I won’t ever find what I’m destined to do with life, but enjoying good company along the way is still pretty good. Yet now I’m in my new job and look forward to coming into work each day, a definite step up from how I was feeling at the start of 2016.

4. Stop dreaming, start doing

For almost two years I had wanted to go over to Hong Kong and visit friends. We booked a flight and we left. We even pushed it further and also went to Macau and Tokyo. It was incredible, and I’d do it all again. In the spirit of ‘why-not’ I also booked a flight to Arizona for Christmas.

5. Make more effort to have a date night

Since moving in together two years ago now, it’s hard to find time for a date night. When you see each other at home every day it’s easy to fall into the trap of not making the effort. Once a month we have been trying to alphabet-dating. We don’t always manage, but it’s a nice little prompt to do something different.

What Resolutions & Goals I Didn't Manage

6. Stop snacking on everything before dinner

Okay, I'm actually the worst for this. I'm so impatient when it comes to food being ready, especially when I'm making it myself! I have however been a bit more on-it with food planning each week though. However in 2017 I want to make more of an effort to have things prepared ahead of time to stop any snacking.

7. Get fit, and get healthy

I feel like I've maybe fallen a bit backwards on this, but that's okay! Although I have however been keeping up with my classical ballet, and have been taking weekly yoga classes. Now just to put down those biscuits in 2017...

8. Dye your hair something drastic

I have to laugh at my efforts here. After working up the confidence to go and pluck a hair dye off the shelves in store; I was trying a brassy copper lighter shade of brown. Yet I failed so spectacularly that I forgot to mix the actual dye with the solution and instead just ended up with very conditioned hair. We live and we learn!

On My List For 2017

So what's on my list for 2017? I'd love to continue doing what makes me happy, see more of the world, take more risks, and always focus on the positives. What are your hopes and aspirations for 2017?

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