How to Best Avoid Flying Travel Stress

How to avoid pre-travel flying stress travel blogger
how to avoid travel stress travel blogger UK lifestyle
how to avoid travel stress blogger UK lifestyle

How to Prevent Pre-Travel Stress

We’ve all been there, running late to the airport, dashing around trying to find the right terminal. Being sent from one place to another in a rage of frustration. Desperately trying to find the boarding pass and passport you swear was in that pouch of your bag just a second ago. Not to mention finally getting on the plane to remember you’ve forgotten to lock the back door. But what if there was a system of things you could do to prevent all of this travel stress? Ah, a good old check list, that’s what we like.

Prepare All of Your Liquids Ahead of Time

Taking the time to place all of your hand luggage liquids in one bag before leaving for the airport can save lots of stress and panic later on. You’re already aware of what does and doesn’t fit; without having to sacrifice your latest perfume, or dramatically drinking a bottle of water as quickly as possible before you reach the scanners. Read up on your allowance and be sure to adhere to guidelines to prevent any issues later on.

Use a Mobile Boarding Pass

Let’s face it, we’re all glued to our phones these days, and will almost always have them with us when travelling. Opt for a mobile boarding pass to save you having to search for the one you think you remember printing out. A mobile boarding pass also saves on wasting paper, and you know it’s always with you. And if your phone battery doesn’t make it to check in - they can look you up on the system anyway.

Take Only What You Need

I’m both the worlds best and worst packer. I’ll obsessively plan and pack sometimes even weeks before, only to take it all back out again and question everything. Throwing in a load of things I don’t even need last minute. Beat the queues and get on your way by taking hand luggage only.

Depending on the length of your trip consider if you even need to take checked luggage. For 10 days travelling around Italy I managed to squeeze everything into my hand luggage, making it perfect to carry around on my travels.

If you are taking both checked luggage and hand luggage, do you really need to carry absolutely everything on the flight with you? Consider carefully what can be left in your checked bag, and only carry the essentials needed for the airport and flight with you.

how to avoid travel stress blogger UK lifestyle
how to avoid travel stress blogger UK lifestyle
how to avoid travel stress blogger UK lifestyle

Bring Snacks

Okay, so this is mainly a selfish one because I’m always hungry, but we all love a snack right? There’s nothing worse than being stuck in queues dreaming about that Big Mac you could be demolishing instead. You can sense it staring at you across in the food court. Or being on a flight to find that food isn’t included in your ticket price, you’ll thank me for those snacks later on. Either plan to take these with you (dry foods only!) or pick some up in a newsagents in the airport to keep you fuelled for your journey.

Consider What You Wear

It’s all about the comfort for me, which is why when I’m travelling long distance I like to wear loose clothing and layers. Flights can often feel cold and a jacket or shawl is perfect for keeping your shoulders and legs warm. If it’s a particularly long flight I’ll pop on some slipper socks to help prevent any swelling and keep me comfortable enough to withstand sitting down for long periods of time.

Keep Yourself Entertained

Most long haul airlines will include in-flight entertainment, however on shorter flights this is often not the case. Consider taking a book with you to read on the flight and in the airport. Or you could pick up a few magazines whilst you’re there. I like to download TV shows or films onto my iPad that I can watch to pass the time too.

What’s on your travelling check list?